How it Works

Get it started in 3 simple steps


We capture data specific to your field

With the help of an AgriWiz Consultant, we capture information specific to each field. Consultants capture data of the four most important resources that are crucial for efficient photosynthesis carbohydrate synthesis: light, nutrients, water and carbon dioxide. This is because we know that the more efficient the production process is, the better your yield will be.


AgriWiz uses machine learning to analyse your data

Your data is analysed with the historic, current and forecasted data captured in your local area over years by AgriWiz. We have more than 20 years of data that’s captured throughout, which allows AgriWiz the opportunity to analyse your data effectively


Precision irrigation and nutrient recommendations are made

Quantitative and time-based recommendations for irrigation, nutrition, fertigation tank systems and production-related activities are then provided. We bridge the gap between knowledge and a lack of experience by using the information to assist with recommendations. When these recommendations are applied with discipline you will receive a greater yield increase.

Why choose AgriWiz?

Get better results with AgriWiz

AgriWiz is the only software with machine learning ability and artificial intelligence potential.

AgriWiz are the only platform that takes history into consideration when analysing your current data.

ArgiWiz are the pioneers in databases collection and recommendations in South Africa We have a proven history of creating valuable and understandable recommendations with over 20 years of training and developing farmers.

AgriWiz are unbiased in the recommendations that they make We make no money out of the resources that we recommend farmers use to increase your yield. We only sell information.

AgriWiz clients consistently outperform the international production norms by (25% to 400%) while using on average 30% less water per unit of yield for the management and production of their crops.